50g Whole extract of Eleutherine americana Antioxidant Rich in Flavanoid/Phenols

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                                                                           What we offer:

50 grams of whole extract of Eleutherine americana (merr) in dried granular form. 20:1 Alcohol extract, i.e. per 1000 grams of fresh bulb, only 50 grams active compounds recovered, making these extraordinarily potent.

Eleutherine americana originated from South American has recently been found as a folk medicine to help treat hypertension, coronary vasodilating, diabetes and certain types of cancer, bacterial infection. 

According to researches published in several journals, this species contains high level of antioxidant, comparable to that of alpha-tocopherol. Not only that it contains Phenols, Alkaloid, Steroid, Glycoside, Flavanoid and Saponin.

Below is a bit about research been done by scientist around the world.

"....E. americana inhibitory activity against a-glucosidase is IC50 = 0.5 mM with a characteristic structure which has never been found in other AGIs based anti diabetic drug"

".... active Compounds found in E. americana did not show cytotoxicity at the test concentration of 20 mg/mL, which was indicative of their NO (nitric oxide) production inhibitory activity without cytotoxicity. An inhibitor of the pathological conditions related to NO can be considered as a therapeutic agent for inflammatory and carcinogenesis diseases."

"...this free-radical scavenging activity, E. americana could be used as a novel antioxidant in food to prevent lipid oxidation."

"....It was reported that tablets of a mixture of naphthalene derivatives are effective against angina pectoris, and the effect was approximately equal to that of Persantine (Dipyridamol) in a clinical trial."

"....Mixture of compounds isolated from the rhizome of this plant (Eleutherine Americana) was beneficial for the treatment of heart diseases (angina pectoris) in clinical trials.It has been found that it act as vasodepressants and increasing coronary flow in an  isolated guinea pig heart."

This active extract was intended for scientific research purpose or for external use only such as soap making or as alternative oxidant in cosmetic. Natural Product based drug registration is underway.

Two grades available : Technical grade (extracted using technical solvent) or Absolute grade (Extracted using Merck Absolute solvent).

All the extraction steps was done by a professional chemist in a laboratory dedicated for natural product extraction. 

Yes we do contract synthesis or contract natural products extraction to cater universities or research bodies and will ship worldwide. e-Mail us for a quote or to discuss what we can do.  


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