LiverCare Capsule Liver Supplement with SILIPHOS - Maintain Hepatic Health

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1 (One) Box of LiverCare ( Qty 30 Capsules)

Contains: Silybin-phospholipids 120 mg (Silybin equivalent 40 mg, 3-SN-phosphatidylcholine 80 mg), vitamin B1 1.1 mg, vitamin B2 1.1 mg, vitamin B6 1.3 mg, vitamin B12 2.4 mcg, niacinamide 14 mg, vitamin E 12 mg, Ca pantothenate 5.4 mg, Zn (sebagai Zn sulfate) 5 mg 

Usage: help maintain healthy liver function, helping hepatitis patient too.

Dosage:  1 capsules, twice-thrice a day.

Produced by Darya Varia Laboratories with active ingredients of SILIPHOS.



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