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Sangobion or Bayer's Tonic Vitamin and Minerals for anaemia/Iron Deficiency

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Up For Sale is :

1( One) Bottle of Bayer's Tonic ( 100 mL) - Produced by Bayer

Vitamin and Mineral for anaemic person (iron deficiency)- take once daily @ 5mL

Contains Vitamin B1, B6, Nicotinamide to boost immune system and treat anaemic condition.


30 (Thirty) Capsules of Sangobion - Produced by Merck Inc. - Take once daily

Contains Ferrous Gluconate (250 mg), Manganese sulphate ( 0.2 mg), Copper Sulphate (0.2 mg), Vit C (50 mg), Folic Acid (1 mg), Vitamin B12 (7.5 mg), Sorbitol (25 mg).

These Supplements are great, i have taken them personally during exam times to boost my stamina and immune system.

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