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Upixon 12 Tablets/3 Bottles treat worms infections pinworms, roundworms - BAYER

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Up for sale is :

Upixon (Different variants) - Made By Bayer Pharmaceuticals

12 Tablets (125 mg dose)

3 Bottles (125 mg dose) - Tuti Fruity Flavoured, great for kids

Worried that your child might be having worms? Pinworms, threadworms and roundworms are everwhere, infecting children and families worlwide. Worms are very contagious, it's not long before everyone in the whole family becomes infected.

Upixon (pyrantel pamoate) single dose treatment for pinworms and roundworms is a fast, efficient and safe treatment for worm infestations.


One tablet (125 mg) per 25 lbs, i.e. if you are 100 lbs, take 4 tablets at one go.

Bottle (10 mL) per 50 lbs, i.e. if you are 50 lbs take 1 bottles at one go.

Any inquiry please do e-mail us.

Tablets shipped direct from Pharmacy. 

No hassle, no worries.




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