Cendo Mycos/Xitrol/Protagenta -For Corticosteroid/Ocular infection/Eye lubricant

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1 (One) Cendo Mycos - 5 mL

Useful for eye inflammation, eye drops, anti inflammatory, inflammation of the eye.

Treat : ocular infections caused by organisms sensitive to chloromicetin, thus requiring corticosteroid therapy -

Dosage : 1-3 times a day, 1-2 drops or as directed by a doctor

Compositions: hydrocortisone 5mg, chloramphenicol 2mg

Side Effect: itching, burning,  increased intraocular pressure


1 (One) Cendo Xitrol - 5 mL

Useful for eye inflammation.

Treat: inflammation of the eye that is responsive to steroids with a bacterial infection. Inflammatory ocular and bulbar conjunctiva in palpebral, corneal

Dosage: 1-2 drops every hour during the day and every 2 hours at night, if good response, reduce dosage to 1 drop every 4 hours 

Compositions:  dexamethasone 1mg, neomycin sulfate 3.5mg, polymixin B sulfate 10.000SI 

Side Effects: allergies, increased intraocular pressure.


1 (One) Cendo Protagenta -5 mL

Useful as liquid artificial eye, dry eye, eye fluid layer, artificial tears 

Treat: Ocular manifestations of stimulation caused less production of eye fluid or not enough (dry eye). Lubricant for contact lenses 

Dosage: 4-5 x daily 1-2 drops in the affected eye, contact lenses put 1-2 drops on the inside of the contact lens

Compositions: polyvinylpyrrolidone 20.0mg, vitamin A, sodium hyaluronate 



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