Andro BACKSIDE 2.0C (Defender) or BACKSIDE 2.0D (Allround) Rubber Table Tennis

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Andro BACKSIDE 2.0D, Allround

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andro Backside 2.0 D is a rubber which is made for an offensive playing style that is based on control and spin.  Effective offensive strokes can be played easily with this

 rubber which is furnished with a sponge of 40°. The outcome of this is a nice catapult effect which enables you to convert your opponent’s bad returns into big points at any

 time. In 1,3mm or 1,5mm ideal for allround players, from 1,7mm on appropriate for topspin players- thus you are definitely right when you name andro Backside 2.0 D a



Andro BACKSIDE 2.0C, Defensive

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  • As a defender you are reliant on rubbers with a maximum of feeling and fault tolerance. andro Backside 2.0 C offers you exactly these important characteristics! The

     extremely spinny, almost sticky surface allows precise balls full of rotation that will drive your opponent crazy. You can always count on Backside 2.0 C, no matter

     which distance from the table you are forced to return from or which situation you are stuck in. As andro Backside 2.0 C is available from 1,1mm on it is the ultimate

     choice for defenders who set value on rubbers with a lot of control and with a huge range of use.

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