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 Andro Rasant 
(black or red in 2.1, 1.9 or 1.7mm)
Can this rubber bear a different name than this? Certainly not - in case of andro's new top rubber Rasant the name says it all. Maximum acceleration and immense power are stuck in the poisonous green colored sponge with built-in Tensor effect. The new top sheet impresses with its varying topspin performance - always combined with high ball control. If you are fast enough for this high end rubber, then we've got a breathtakingly rasant experience for you! Fast, faster, RASANT! Experience RASANT's compact play feeling caused by the unique, fine-pored green sponge! Disarm your opponent's spin by using the newly developed RASANT top sheet and kick-start your own, more dynamic topspin! Step up your stroke efficiency! Trigger toxic, better spins with an aggressive spin curve! Change the game to your favor! Take your performance to a higher level! Play RASANT by andro!
Andro Rasant Turbo 
(black or red- in 2.1, 1.9 or 1.7mm)

  • Discover the possibilities given by the ultra-spinny RASANT topsheet!
    React on your opponent’s topspins by playing harder and more dangerous counterspins!
  • Carry spin and speed to extremes! Play topspin strokes with an enormous quality and absolute precision!
  • Increase the dynamic of your strokes by using the massive power which is hidden in the unique explosive green RASANT sponge!
  • Use the advantage! Install the update – now! Play RASANT TURBO!


For offensive performers who score by skillful topspins and spinny strokes! 

Andro Rasant PowerSponge 
(black or red in 2.1, 1.9 or 1.7mm )

  • Be proactive and play RASANT POWERSPONGE! Experience the fusion of long-lasting delight in playing and huge control provided by the soft sponge’s elasticity.
  • Be creative: change between distances and strokes at your discretion! Act outstanding when playing passive and score when playing active!
  • Take advantage from the soft, maximum controlled playing feeling caused by the unique green RASANT sponge! It absorbs the energy of the arriving stroke and converts it into your own massive power!
  • Spin, speed and high control – is this your maxim? Then play RASANT POWERSPONGE!


For creative offensive players who pull out all the stops to score! 

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