Bioplacenton Gel for eczema/impetigo/boils/ulcer or Bioplacenton Tulle for burns

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1 (One) Tube of Bioplacenton-  15 grams

Neomycin / neomycin sulphate 0.5%, 10% placental extract. 

Burns, chronic ulcers, old wounds and there is granulation, dekubistus ulcers, eczema pyoderma, impetigo, furunkolosis and other skin infections.
15 gram tube of jelly. 

Use 4-6 times a day. 


10 sheets of Bioplacenton Tulle 

Calcium alginate

Bioplacenton tulle is a sterile wound dressings.

Calcium alginate in Bioplacenton Tulle was derived from marine algae . When calcium alginate tulle come in contact with the wound , the sodium ions from the wound exudate will get exchanged with calcium ions from calcium alginate and form a hydrophilic gel at the wound surface which will create a moist environment for wounds that will lead to the re- epithelialization and optimal granulation tissue formation. In one study , calcium alginate also increase fibroblast proliferation . Properties of alginate to form a gel that also helps in releasing tulle without much truma and reduce the pain experienced by patients during replacement of tulle . 

Calcium alginate tulle is a strong absorbent , useful to eliminate exudate quickly and effectively .

Tulle Bioplacenton assist the process of re - epithelialization and healing burns and other exudated wounds.

Dosage and Usage
After washing the wound with NaCl 0.9 % or warm water , attach a Bioplacenton Tulle on the surface of the wound . Cover with appropriate secondary dressing and keep in place with a bandage or plaster . The Tulle can be to fit the required size . Bioplacenton Tulle can be replaced as needed . For highly exudative wounds , change tulle dressing at least once a day .

Warnings and Cautions
Bioplacenton Tulle not be used on dry wounds or wounds with minimal exudate because it will cause dryness and prolong healing .

Side Effects
local irritation

10 sachets @ 1 tulle 10 x 10 cm in size

Store at room temperature (below 30 degrees Celsius )

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Great customer service. Professionals and responsible for addressing customer needs and ensuring they have a good experience.

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Very helpful

My favourite wound healer. Fast shipping and great contact from seller. Very helpful and efficient. Would definitely use again.



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