Donic Akkadi L2 or PIRANJA TEC Rubber Special Long Pips Table Tennis no Racket

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Donic Akkadi L2 or PIRANJA TEC Rubber Pips only

Donic Akkadi L2

DEF Speed Control Spin Trouble Effect Surface
3- 7 2- 9+ 8+ Long Pips

Normally available Red & Black, OX, 0.6mm & 1.0mm

The most versatile of long pimpled rubbers
The ITTF have banned frictionless long pimples. There will be a worldwide ban of such rubbers next season. DONIC has developed exciting alternative rubbers for players who will be forced to adapt their game. DONIC AKKADI L2 is a versatile long pimpled rubber which is equally effective for controlled play close to the table and for the classic defensive game. Good control and the ability to impart a lot of backspin can be achieved with this rubber well away from the table. The OX version (without sponge) and 0.6 mm (with a very thin sponge) enables the player to play close to the table. The new pimpled top surface produces unexpected variations of spin. The AKKADI L2 makes awkward attacking strokes possible and, therefore, has all the qualities of a genuine allrounder 

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Donic Piranja Tec

DEF Speed Control Spin Surface
3 7- 2- 9+ Long Pips

Normally available Red & Black, OX & 1.2mm


The technique defense rubber. 
Classic defenders are a rarity nowadays and its becoming more difficult for them to find the right equipment since the introduction of the 40 mm ball. 
All this changed when DONIC introduced their Formula DONIC technology into a long pimpled rubber. DONIC Piranja Formula Tec is soft, very elastic, with excellent gripping qualities. The DONIC Piranja Formula Tec enables the player to impart far more backspin against topspin than has been possible with other current rubber technology. The pimples are faster but easier to control because of their inbuilt "speed glue" effect, ensuring more accurate blocking, counter attacking and variations of spin. 
DONIC Piranja Formula Tec is the best weapon for the technically gifted classic defender, particularly effective in combination with DONIC`s modern sponge rubbers.

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