Donic Coppa World Champion or Coppa Tagora Rubber Table Tennis No Racket

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Donic Coppa World Champion or Coppa Tagora Rubber only

Donic Coppa World Champion 


Speed Control Spin Surface
8 7 9+ Spin- Elast.

Normally available Red & Black, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.1mm & Max

For aggressive offensive players who operate with top spin, counter top spin and block technics and who win their points with hard strokes. The ideal tuning between the high-elastic, spinny playing surface and the relatively soft, but dynamic sponge grants you an outstanding ball control. The perfect rubber sheet for all modern offensive players.
DONIC COPPA: One of the bestsellers among the DONIC rubber sheets, one of the most successful products in the world of table tennis!
Made in Japan.

We can glue your rubbers and blade and put an edge tape around your bat free of charge...

Donic Coppa Tagora 


Speed Control Spin Surface
7+ 8 9+ Spin- Elast.

Normally available Red & Black, 1.8mm, 2.0mm & Max

One of the most sensational innovations from the Japanese rubber sheet production in over 10 years! 

The DONIC COPPA TAGORA combines all the outstanding playing features of the World Championship rubber COPPA and COPPA TENERO. TAGORA has about the same speed as COPPA and the same control as COPPA TENERO. 
The secret is a totally new invention of a highly elastic soft sponge from Japan. Despite the extreme softness it delivers an unbelievable catapult effect. The top sheet is designed for maximum grip and spin elasticity. 

The result, dynamic topspin, powerful shots, aggressive blocks and plenty of touch for short flips. Passive and soft blocks and even balls with under-spin can be easily controlled. 

DONIC COPPA TAGORA is the ideal synthetic choice for offensive and allround players.

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