Happy Green 100% Pure Cajeput Oil Cajuput Oil Therapeutic Grade Essential oil

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What we offer:
Happy Green Brand (100% Undiluted/unadulterated) Cajuput Oil
Origin: Indonesia (the best Cajuput oil producer)
Used as: 
1. Counterirritant.
2. To treat sore muscles.
3. Decongestants during cold or flu
4. Topical pain or inflammatory remedies
5. Antibacterial or antifungal in fish - Promote fin and tissue re-growth in Fish. (such as bettafix)
Why buy from us? (Important)
1. We have knowledge and expertise in the area of essential oil, backed by a professional chemist and cutting edge analytical tool, we wont disappoint you.
2. Our Cajuput oil is clear green in color and of the highest grade directly sourced from island of Ambon. Not only that, it contains ideal proportion of active ingredients and is also safe to be used as topical medicine or to inhale as the oil was manufactured under the strictest manufacturing procedure to pass criterias enforced by Indonesian FDA.
Try Happy Green now!
Happy Green Philosophy is "We deliver nature at its best."
Buying in bulk?:
With our buying power, we offer competitive price on not just clove oil, but other oil such as Nutmeg, Vetiver, Patchouli, Citronella, Lemongrass, Clove bud, sandalwood and many more. email us now for a quick quote. We are looking for representatives overseas to sell our brand of essential oils, furthermore we do rebranding of essential oil to your brand. We can supply hundreds of KG to even tonnes quantity per month.
Please email us for more information.
Postage and Packing:
1. Item will be posted via air mail.
2. Please check with your respective country about the import limitation, there is no import limitation for order going to USA and Australia.
3. For 120-350 mL, the oil will be provided in a dark amber bottle, for volumes above that it will be send in a clear plastic container. 



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