Happy Green 100% Pure Clove Leaf oil Perfect for Mould - Oil of Cloves Fresh lot

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What we offer:
Happy Green Brand (100% Undiluted/unadulterated) Clove Leaf Oil
Origin: Indonesia (the best Clove leaf oil producer)
1. Used in upholstery as a proven alternative to combat mould.
2. Perfumery.
3. Mosquito repellant.
4. Toothache remedy 
5. Many other usage.
Why buy from us? (Important)
1. We have knowledge and expertise in the area of essential oil, backed by a professional chemist and cutting edge analytical tool, we wont disappoint you.
2. Here is the plot. Normally this is what happened. The distiller sells their oil to big sellers in Indonesia, which then sell to exporter and finally reach the Australian Importer of the oil. This oil will then be sold to the retailer in Australia and then end up in your hand. 
With Happy Green you are getting a fresh batch straight from the distil to your doorstep - no more long winded road for the oil to reach your door.
You will be lucky to get a few months or sometimes a year old stock from other seller and it just doesn't smell the same, remember the active ingredients do degrade after time.
Try Happy Green now!
3. Furthermore, what sets our oil and other competitor's apart is that we DO NOT tamper the oil in anyways (both chemically or physically). 
Some sellers might have re-distilled or chemically modify the oil to increase a portion of the oil such as Eugenol in an effort to make it more attractive, however this can lead to undesirable health effects. 
We believe the natural composition of active ingredients in the oil should be preserved as the nature want it to be.
Happy Green Philosophy is "We deliver nature at its best."
Buying in bulk?:
With our buying power, we offer competitive price on not just clove oil, but other oil such as Nutmeg, Vetiver, Patchouli, Citronella, Lemongrass, Clove bud, sandalwood and many more. email us now for a quick quote. We are looking for representatives overseas to sell our brand of essential oils, furthermore we do rebranding of essential oil to your brand. We can supply hundreds of KG to even tonnes quantity per month.
Please email us for more information.
Postage and Packing:
1. Item will be posted via air mail.
2. Please check with your respective country about the import limitation, there is no import limitation for order going to USA and Australia.
3. For 100-350 mL, the oil will be provided in a dark amber bottle, for volumes above that it will be send in a clear plastic container. 

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