Herbal 100% Natural Nature Herbilogy Herbilogy Slimming Kit (With Green Tea)

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Herbilogy Slimming Kit (With Green Tea)

100% Original Herbal

No preservative, No added sugar,

No added gluten, No coloring agent,

No Flavoring, No Msg, No Chemical

Gluten Free, No Dairy, No Wheat, No Soy, non-GMO Organic Raw Ingredients

Contents of 1 Herbilogy Slimming Kit (With Green Tea) Package:
-Herbilogy Green Tea Extract Powder (100gr)
-Herbilogy Slimming Capsule (1 bottle of 60 vegetable capsules)
-Herbilogy Laxa Tea (1 pack contains 20 teabags)
-Slimming Mini Booklet

This Product Is Already BPOM / P-IRT & Halal Certificate
Green Tea: P.IRT No.5103515450746-22
Slimming Capsule: POM TR.102 320 981
Laxa Tea: POM TR. 102 210 261

Benefits of Slimming:
- Herbilogy Green Tea Extract Powder: Helps suppress appetite and also burn fat properly and naturally.

- Herbilogy Slimming Capsule: Helps to launch bowel movements, inhibits fat absorption, increases body metabolism.

- Herbilogy Laxa Tea: To launch bowel movements and green tea to burn fat
inside the body.

Serving Recommendation:
- Herbilogy Green Tea Extract Powder: Dissolve 1 teaspoon Herbilogy Green Tea Extract Powder into one glass of warm water.

- Herbilogy Slimming Capsule: One capsule 2-3x a day before meals. If you have an ulcer consumed after eating.

- Herbilogy Laxa Tea: Put the tea bag into a cup, pour boiling water and wait 2-3 minutes. Drink 1-2 times a day after meals.

Side effects:
- Frequent urination or bowel movements more smoothly.
- Drink water, min. 2.5 L per day to avoid dehydration.

Not for use by children, pregnant and nursing women!
Store in a dry place, keep out of reach of children.

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