KTC Digital Ratchet - Kyoto Tool Corp Ratchet Wrench Measure Diff Torque Limit

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Up for sale is 

1 (one) KTC Digital Ratchet - Made in Japan
(Genuine Stuff- We dont sell counterfeit or knock off version)

We have different sizes available.

GEK030 R2 - 1/4" (6-30 Nm)
GEK030 C3 - 3/8" (6-30 Nm)
GEK060 R3 -
3/8" (12-60 Nm)
GEK085 R3 - 3/8" (17-85 Nm)
GEK085 R4 - 1/2" (17-85 Nm)
GEK135 R4 - 1/2" (27-135 Nm)
GEK200 R4 - 1/2" (40-200 Nm)

We carry most of KTC Tools, however due to eBay selling limitations we cant list all of them, please email me if you require any specific parts and i will be able to help you source them.

Why buy from us?

Our products are all genuine imported from the manufacturer.

Why buy something when you are not sure if it is real? Buy genuine product from us, 100% Feedback. 


Buyer who purchase multiple items, please do not adjust the postage fee, we will fix the postage fee after purchase.


1. Please allow 3 working days for order preparation.

2. Upon Payment & Checkout, Please kindly email us your contact number. We need the contact number for shipping purpose



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