Meiji F210 F-210 Pressure/Suction Spray Gun -Various Nozzle &Shape Made in Japan

  • 35000

1 (unit)  Meiji F-210 Spray Gun Suction/Pressure

Made in Japan

This Spray Gun without doubt is a better quality and built than the other spray guns in 

the  price range.

The Suction Paint Feed with Triangle pattern and 3.0mm nozzle currently out of stock, email me if you want these .

After selecting the Pattern Shape, please select the Nozzle Size.

Due to eBay limitation, we are unable to list all in the variations, but email us if you need

 specific nozzle size.

Stocks are very limited, and might be sold out because we have store front shop selling the

 spray guns as well.

Product Description

State-of-the-art Hand Spray Gun based on customer satisfaction
New atomizing system
Improving the spray
finishing by optimum air flow
High transfer efficiency Heavy duty Excellent handling

 Realizing high quality paint film by optimum spraying paint volume.
 Stable air flow vastly realizes the prevention of air pressure lost.
 Reduction of paint consumption, and small air consumption in saving energy.
 Optimum air flow brings the reduction of paint adhesion to air cap set.
 Easy handling with optimum weight balance and light weight.
 Reduction of trigger load, and improvement of usability with lower 
  resistance packing.
 Waterborne compatibility.
 Improvement of parts durability.
 Addition of Semi-tulip pattern.
 Each nozzle bore size has its own air cap set.
 Air cap sets for suction, gravity, and pressure type are interchangeable
  in the same fluid nozzle bore size

Special air cap designed specitifically for touch-up work 

  Designed specifically for touch-up work to provide the ideal spray for painting small to 
  medium-sized areas.

   Air cap selection guide for F210 series
Air cap 12P 15P 20P 25P 30P 15 20 25 30 15T 20T 25T
1.2 -
1.5 - - -
2.0 - × - -
2.5 × × - × - × -
3.0 × × × - × × - ×
  • Suction type in the same nozzle size are interchangeable for pressure type and vice versa.
  • Spraying paint volume and air consumption are adjusted by changing air cap set and fluid nozzle.
  • Mark 〇 stands for interchangeable.

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