Meiji F410 Gravity Paint Sprayer Spray Gun - Hand Spray Guns - Made In Japan

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Up For Sale is :

1 (One) Meiji Spray Gun F410  EVW Model - Made in Japan

We have it in 1.0/1.3/1.4/1.5 mm nozzle. 

Choose if you want Gun only and select the right nozzle size.

High performance Well-balanced Beautiful finishing.
Superb spray gun has come from Japan.
Beautiful finishing in thin and uniform paint film with wider spraying pattern.
Reduction of spraying air pressure. Only 0.25MPa.
Well balanced body. Weight only 415g.
Ergonomic with curved grip.
Reduction of trigger load with lower resistance packing.
Beautiful gun body with chrome plating brings long lasting and easy cleaning.
Wide range model realizes almost any required spraying.
Stainless steel passage for waterborne compatibility.
CE and Atex certification are approved.

Model No. F410-G10EVW F410-G12EVW F410-G13EVW F410-G14EVW F410-G15EVW
Paint feed system Gravity
Nozzle bore mm 1.0 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5
Standard air cap 10EVW 12EVW 13EVW 14EVW 15EVW
Spraying Pressure MPa 0.25
Spraying distance mm 250
Air consumption L/min 295 295 305 305 305
Paint spraying volume mL/min 140 185 200 210 225
Maximum effective pattern width mm 250 270 280 285 290
Pattern shape Tulip
Connection inlet for air:G1/4 for paint:G3/8
Weight g 415
Standard Paint cup 6G-C
*Paint Viscosity should be 15 seconds for automotive refinishing paint using 
 a Meiji model V-1 viscosity cup.



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