Meiji Finer II-G14 Spray Gun -For Water Based Paint - FinerII G-14 Made in Japan

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1 (unit)  Meiji Finer II-G14 Spray Gun (With or Without a Cup).

Gun only AUD 200

Specially designed for water based paint.

Made in Japan

Gravity Feed - Available in 1.4mm Nozzle size 

Choose if you want plastic cup (Kinik Brand) or Aluminium cup (Meiji Brand - 4GD)

We have all brand spray gun available, e-mail us if you need them.

Product description:

New atomization system

By improving transfer efficiency, over mist and paint deviating from the coated articles are reduced, which is achieved by the unique atomization system with small collision angles to the coated articles. Further,by reducing air consumption amount, operation time of the air compressor can be reduced.

Forming uniform coating film in spraying small amount of paint, which is important in repairing vehicles, stabilized paint particles and patterns, even in reducing spraying air amount, spraying pressure and paint spraying amount.

Functions and performances satisfying customer's needs are provided by us.

The head is lowered causing unevenness of the film tickness.
By lightening the spray gun head and moving the gun weight to the rear side,
posture of the spray gun in spraying operation can be kept at right angle.


  • Fine atomization under low pressure is
      facilitated by improving atomizing
  • Through appropriate control of vacuum
      force, it provides wide applications,
       and improves easy of spray work.
  • Fine atomization is realized in small air
      volume, resulting in high transfer
  • With a wide pattern, the number of 
      re-coating work redcudes.
  • Waterborne compatibility.

  • Model No. FINERⅡ-G14 FINER-S16 FINER-P08
    Paint feed ssytem Gravity Suction Pressure
    Nozzle bore mm 1.4 1.6 0.8
    Spraying pressure MPa 0.2 0.25
    Spraying distance mm 200
    Air con-sumption L/min 170 176 185
    Paint spraying volume mL/min 180 160 155
    Maximum effective pattern width mm 280 230 200
    Pattern shape Tulip
    Required compressor output kW 1.5 or more
    Weight g 275 280 290
    Standard paint cup 2GA,3G-U,4GD,4GB-U,4GP-U,4GPA-U,4G-TA 7SB,10SB-2,7SLB P,PH,PA,PDP

    ●The above values were obtaind using two-component urethane paint 
     with a viscosity of 12 seconds and a Meiji V-1 viscosity cup.
    ●Feed pressure should be 0.08MPa for P type.

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