Muskrat Shampoo OR MezogenRX Tonic for Hair Loss/Fall/Baldness -Accelerate Regrowth

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1 (One) Muskrat Shampoo (425 mL)
Muskrat shampoo contains Folic acid and 4% Caffeine which proved to be very effective for chronic hair loss and to restore hair growth cycle (anagen). 
Caffeine on shampoo work directly to stimulate follicle contraction and folic acid content directly substituted for synthetic hormones so that the hair follicles are able to withstand longer and in accordance with normal anagen phase is 40-48 months for each strand of hair. 
This Shampoo was inventedby Dr. Fischer, a dermatology physician Charite University of Berlin Germany. 
Brief profile Muskrat Shampoo: 
Ingredients: Aqua, Caffeine, Laureth Sulfate, Sodium, Zinc PTO, Polysiloxone Copolymer, Ethyl Panthenol, Folic Acid, Panthenol Steardimonium, Weight Hydroxy Acids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids 
How to Use: Used 2 times a day. 
Net Weight: 425ml (to use 3 months) 
Warning: Not suitable for ages 15 and under

1 (One) MezogenRX Tonic (60 mL)
Mezogenrx Generation 2 is a hair care products that combines a second-generation anti - androgenic properties of
RU58841 and efficacy of minoxidil sulfate, two essential ingredients that are very effective in treating Androgenetic Alopecia syndrome .
DHT inhibitors MezogenRX is very practical because it only needs to be applied directly to the scalp twice a day .
MezogenRX very useful to provide the benefits of anti - androgenic as well as increasing the volume of follicles that can restore your hair density .
MezogenRX very effective for the man , but it is safe for women . While other oral DHT inhibitor administered only made ​​for men , it is equally strong MezogenRX usefulness and safe for use by both men and women .
MezogenRX made ​​from materials that have a high absorption rate, so as to provide the same effect as an anti - androgenic.
MezogenRX hair grower product is approved by the FDA ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and clinically proven able to grow hair with a combination of anti - androgenic steroids and effect .
Clinical research conducted by a leading independent agency showed that MezogenRX proven effective compared with respondents who used the placebo .
Brief profile Mezogenrx :
Ingredients : RU 58 841 , Minoxidil Sulphate
How to Use : Use 2 times daily after shampooing.
Net Weight : 60ml ( for 1 month usage )

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