Mustika Ratu Slim Slimming Gel/Slimming Tea/Tablet Great for weight loss -all Natural

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1. Slimming Gel- Green Tea Extract or Ginger Extract (100 mL)
Mustika Ratu Anti-Cellulites & Slimming Gel is made from natural herbal . This Anti-Cellulites & Slimming Gel is made from the natural extract of Green Tea leaves & Centella Asiatica /Gotu kola (pegagan) leaves, Ginger Extract makes it safe for daily usage.  Mustika Ratu Slimming Gel reduces cellulites and also maintains the elasticity and firmness of your skin. For best result please do adequate exercise and eat healthy diet.

Choose from 2 type of slimming gel:
Green Tea Extract or Ginger Extract


1. Take slimming gel in sufficient amount.
2. Apply on thigh, stomach, hip and other skin areas or any fatty body parts.
3. Massage and squeeze the applied area for a few minutes.
4. Do it twice daily (morning & afternoon).
2. Slimming Tea- Green Tea Extract or Honey&Lime (30 bags)
Contains best selection of green tea extract and natural slimming herbal mix. It has been empirically & clinically proven by Tokyo MD university. Honey & lime Version is rich in flavour and also strengthen the efficacy as well as enhances body vitality. 
  • Helps to reduce the excessive fat in the body 
  • Recommended for men, women. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR Stomach ULCER
  • Direction: 
    • Place tea in a cup of boiled water
    • Consume 2 tea bags 2 times daily after meal
3. Susut Perut Tablet (Natural product-30 tablets)
Ideal for making the stomach slimmer. Drink regularly everyday 1 caplet at night and 1 in the morning. For maintain slim stomach please drink one tablet a day every night.
Ingredients Guzumae Folium Leaf - effective for weight loss, Parameriae cortex tree bark which is good as chelating agent.
4. Slimming Tea Tablet (Natural product-30 tablets) 
Made from Guazumae Folium leaf extract -effective for weight loss, as well as Theae Folium (Green Tea) Extract useful for diuretic, antioxidant and to boost body immunity.
To reduce body weight, please drink regularly twice a day ( 2 tablets). For maintaining lean stomach please drink 1 tablet twice a day.
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