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What Is a Crystal X?
Crystal X is favorite of the women who have problems with the vagina or the female organs. The issues of femininity like odor, crust, mushroom, itching, irritation, vaginal discharge even up power decreased elasticity and loss of power "grip" her. Until now Crystal X remains as an icon of female health care products.

Like what Crystal X?

Crystal x-shaped tube with a diameter of about 1 cm and a length of about 6 cm. In a very safe design for the area of ​​femininity. So no worries there will be blisters or other injuries her. For more details see in the image below.
How Crystal X can resolve the issue in the vagina?

Crystal x can kill the bad bacteria without damaging the ecosystem miss v good bacteria. Some cleaning products miss v generally can kill the bacteria that live around the area miss v. but also resulted in the death of the good bacteria that keep the balance on your v miss.

However crystal x can keep the balance. Kill germs and bacteria v bad to miss without disturbing the presence of good bacteria. Crystal x also keep acidity levels normal so miss v good bacteria can live well. What is the function of bacterial miss v good for health? Wait for our next article.

So how do I use?

How to use crystal x quite easy. Cleanser female organs can be used even by women who masi GIRL. How?
For those of you who are married or have "NO GIRLS" again, crystal x can be used in the following way:

Moisten crystal x beforehand with clean water flowing water or not, as long as it is clean.
Then insert it into the hole miss v approximate depth of 4 cm (ga need to be measured, quite predicted course) and then rotated in the direction for about 10 seconds. Can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise allowed. The important thing in the direction of its rotation.
After that remove and wash crystal x with clean running water. If thats enough clean, crystal x wipe with a cloth until completely dry.
Store in a dry and safe. If the crystal x stored in or when moist, then the herbs contained in it will be quickly exhausted.

For those of you who are still a girl or who are reluctant to enter into the crystal x v miss it then can choose two of the following ways:

Soak the crystal x added as much as 2 cups of warm water for approximately 1 minute. Then dip a towel or cloth into it. And use a towel or cloth to compress the v miss you. Or the way the 2nd
Soak the crystal x into a rather large bowl of warm water for approximately 2 minutes. Then rendamkan part miss v thereto for a few minutes (5-10 minutes).
After completion of washing and dry crystal x. Then keep the place dry.

These tweaks should do as much as 1-2 times a day for treatment. Should be used after a shower.

Using Crystal X for Narrow and tighten Miss V

Miss v slack and lacking "grip" can be overcome by using a crystal x. Do the following:

As the above. Moisten then enter the crystal x depth of approximately 4 cm into the burrow miss v.
Then rotated in one direction, it is up to the left or right side for 10 seconds.
Let stand for 1 minute in a state of being in a rut crystal x miss v.
Remove the crystal x and wait for 1 minute.
Enter x to burrow back crystal miss v. Then repeat steps 2 and 3
Then remove the back.
Clean and store in a safe place.
Do this for 5 minutes before having a sexual intercourse.

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