NEW DeVILBISS PRi Pro Gravity Trans-Tech Primer SprayGun Spray Gun PRIPRO-P1P-18

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1 (unit) DeVILBISS PRiPro (PriPro-P1P-18)

Pro Priming Perfection...

For ultimate topcoat quality, you firstly need perfection in priming. That’s why professional refinishers use specifically engineered primer guns to

 achieve that highest standards of finish and at fast application rates with all types of primers, fillers and surfacers, including the latest generation

 waterborne primers.

Relegating old topcoat guns for primer duty is a thing of the past, that’s why the PRi Pro is a dedicated primer gun combining advanced Trans-

Tech atomisation technology in the P1 air cap with the latest ergonomic forged aluminium gun body, for that legendary DeVilbiss fit, feel and


A choice of five fluid tip sizes from 14 to 25 ensure consistent high fluid flows for the application of low viscosity wash etch primer through to ultra

 high solids polyester spray putties. The PRi Pro is quite simply where a top quality finish starts.

Technical Specification

  • Air Inlet Thread - 1/4” Universal
  • Weight (gun & cup) - 760 gms
  • Air Cap & Ring - Plated Brass
  • Fluid Tip - Stainless Steel
  • Needle - Stainless Steel
  • Cup capacity - 560 mls
  • Air Cap Quick Ref Compliance Technology Air Consumption (lit/Min) Spray Pattern Size @ 175 mm Target Distance Fluid Flow (cc/ml min)
    P1 Trans-Tech 300 (10.6 cfm) @ 2.0 bar 265-320 mm 160 - 350

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