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KAMINOMOTO Hair Growth Gold Tonic 


Anti Hair loss 

(150 ml)



Made in JAPAN



***All products Kaminomoto can be used both for men and women***



Major Ingredients




Alcohol Denat, Water, Thyme-extract, Capsicum Frutescens, Glycerin, Menthol, Salicylic Acid, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine HCI, Sophoria Radix (Kujin Extract), Hinokitiol (Hinoki-extract), Neo-Takanal, Fragrances




Kaminomoto Hair Growth Tonic - 150 mL



Helps prevent premature hair loss. Antiseptic properties of Hinoki - extract ( Hinoki infamous Japanese cedar ) fight germs on the scalp . 
Combined with Thyme - extracts and other select ingredients , this tonic activate scalp function by rejuvenating the hypodermic cells . 
Maintain scalp itch and dandruff and fight to keep your scalp healthy and beautiful hair .



Hair tonic that can help to prevent premature hair loss and hair care everyday so keep hair beautiful and healthy . Useful to keep the hair daily nutrition . Contains material Hinokitiol which is useful to prevent dandruff , itching of the scalp , prevent hair loss and strengthen hair roots . Effective hair tonic hair roots are experiencing thinning and loss . Helps to normalize the hair cycle by increasing the strength of hair roots , and also shrink the pores on the scalp . Hair tonic is also helpful to promote new hair growth . You do not have to worry about this hair tonic , hair tonic because it does not cause sticky on the skin and does not cause your hair oily . 


The basic ingredients are all natural Kaminomoto as from plants , minerals and animals . selected recipes from natural ingredients , according to the symptoms , will be mixed with traditional knowledge and experience that comes from a thousand years . Kaminomoto aims to restore your body to normalize the function of your body with natural remedies from nature , therefore it needs a long time , but it is very effective and safe as it has no side effects






Glycerin , a natural emollient that gives a cooling effect on the skin it can be used on the hair . Its function as a towing oxygen into the skin which can create moisture can react to the hair


Kamigen K and E


K Kamigen useful to help encourage hair growth and also cell functions scalp and roots of your hair , so your hair is not easily broken and strong hair roots is also beneficial to prevent hair loss . Kamigen E contained in these products is also useful to facilitate the circulation of blood to your head , so as to provide a relaxing effect on your head .


How to use


Pour gently enough hair tonic on your scalp evenly . 
After that gently massage your head using fingertips , until the hair absorbs the perfect tonic . 
Care should be used gently and work on when you are asleep . 
Use hair tonic this 2 times a day , day and night in order to be a maximum or her .


About Kaminomoto


Kaminomoto is a product of hair - loss and hair growth from Japan that has been very well known for over 100 years . 
More than 100 years Kaminomoto has been believed to be the solution to the hair loss and baldness . 
Kaminomoto contains herbal ingredients that are safe and support the growth of new hair . 
Not only nourish hair , Kaminomoto also caring for the health and hygiene of the scalp , so the hair remains healthy growth and 
maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your hair and scalp .


To obtain maximum results , use Kaminomoto should be used regularly every day of her . 
After regular use for 1-2 months , it can be seen his hair loss is reduced . 
After regular use for 4-6 months , then it can be seen the loss is reduced and children hair began to grow back . 
Kaminomoto is one solution to the problems existing hair , such as hair loss solution , hair branching solutions , 
solutions of dry hair , hair solutions expands , solutions balding hair , damaged hair solutions .







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