Sagola 4500 XTREME 1.3/1.4 LXT 01 Clear Spray Gun Pro series + Cup + Manometer

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1 (unit)  Sagola 4500 XTREME 1.3/1.4 LXT 01 + 600 mL Gravity cup + Manometer

Professional SAGOLA solution for all finishing paintsModern, ergonomic, robust, light, perfect mechanisation.

Maximum regulation precision. Flow regulator with manometer.New design of the air flow regulator

NEW Generation 4500 Xtreme. New image of polished forged anodised aluminium with which SAGOLA recovers its original BRILLIANCE and COLOUR in the bodywork. At the forefront in design, ergonomics, balance and comfort when painting.

The widest range of solutions for all the new paints launched by the main car paint manufacturers.

Its new aircap LXT CLEAR together with the innovative nozzle 1.30 XL are a milestone for the simplicity and rapidity in the application of the new HS varnishes.

Product Description

Clearcoats, single stage paints, industrial bodyshop Spray Gun with External Hand Tightened Regulator

Using the best engineering & design technology Sagola have produced the 4500 to be light, robust and ergonomically balanced in the hand, to do this Sagola have used a combination of forged aluminium and stainless steel, making the 4500 extremely reliable, due to the way the gun has been designed this gun does not need any O’rings or gaskets between the air and paint, making the cleaning of the gun fast and efficient. Four different Aircaps are available making the 4500 the perfect choice for all Professional Bodyshop paint applications, giving high performance combined with low air consumption. Many of the 4500’s features are patented from the handle design and finish to the airflow through the aircap the 4500 represents Extreme Engineering at its best.

  • Weight with deposit: 690 g
  • Dimensions with deposit: 34 x 10 x 17 cm
  • Air inlet coupling: 1/4
  • Deposit capacity: 650 ml
  • Deposit with removable anti-drip system
  • Incorporates 80-mesh paint filter
  • Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure): 2 bar
  • Maximum recommended application distance: LXT01: 18 - 20 cm
  • Average paint output flow: LXT01: 190 g/min
  • Air consumption of each aircap (2 bar inlet): LXT01: 255 L/min
  • Average sound pressure level: 80 dB
  • Materials in contact with product: anodized aluminium, POM, INOX, Teflon, Nylon

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