SariAyu/Belia Intensive Acne Care Powder/Gel/Face Wash - Acne Treatment

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1(One) Belia Acne Gel

Transparent Gel that can be apply anytime, help fight bacteria that causes acne, prevent acne and help conceal the acne marks.


1(One) Belia Acne Facial Wash

Belia Acne Facial wash is a facial cleanser with uplifting lemon aroma, prevent acne without causing excessive dryness on the skin.


1(One) Sariayu Intensive Acne Care

SariAyu Intensive Acne Care help treating inflamming Acne, 
ingredients are Allantoin : Help to stimulate skin growth, Resoran : Antiseptic and anti acne, THD: Antiseptic, Glycerin: Moisturizer, Sulfur powder: Drying agent.

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