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SpinMax Blue 250 mL Blue Formula Rubber Cleaner Spin Max Table Tennis Ping Pong

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  • latest development from Spinmax 
  • Power Performace Cleaner 
  • Blue Formula, Spin with Speed 

    By applying Spinmax, Blue spin and speed are considerably increased. 

    On long pimples spin becomes even more unpredictable and at the same time control is improved 

    We would also like to give you following advice regarding this product: 

    There are three major factors that determine the durability of a rubber: tension, flexibility and friction (spin). 
    Obviously tension and flexibility of a rubber decrease through mechanic wear and tear. 
    This can't be stopped, but SPINMAX helps to keep the original friction (spin effect) during its normal lifespan and can even maximise it. 

    The potential SPINMAX buyer is a player that tries to take advantage of power and variation of spin as well as controlled play. SPINMAX does not replace the need for new rubber, it simply maximizes the friction capability throughout the rubber life. 

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