Star S-710 Spray Gun Pro series (GUN + CUP) Gravity/Suction Paint 1.0/1.3/1.5mm

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1 (unit)  Star S-710 Spray Gun (Gun + Cup)

General S710 Suction Spray Gun

(Available in suction and side mounted gravity feed- choose different type and different nozzle size)

  • Medium type spray gun

Can be used for most professional products, such as automobiles, pianos, etc.

Suitable for base, clear, top coat and primer surface.

Suitable for general paints, solid top coat, pearl enamel, metallic coat, anti-rust painting, water-borne paint, oil-based paint, etc

Lightweight finishing spray gun for smaller jobs and low air consumption.

The Gravity feed, features a 450cc side mounted gravity cup that can be positioned to spray in almost any angle and is ideal for automotive, joinery and small components. 


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