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Stiga Rosewood NCT V 5 Blade Table Tennis Rubber Racket

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Stiga RoseWood NCT V

Anatomic, Flared/Legend, Straight, Master/Flared,  Penhold

The Rosewood NCT V and Rosewood NCT VIIblades balance speed, weight, flexibility and trajectory for an unbeatable formula. These are developed in close cooperation with our top players and the Chinese National Team to meet their demands for the best high-performance blades. Each ply of Rosewood is carefully handpicked to ensure the very best wood grain and quality. Rosewood is a little softer than the Ebenholz wood but it is still a hard wood. The high-quality wood used in the Rosewood NCT blades is very hard to find, so producing these blades is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. The results are worth it!

The completely new mixture of special and unique Rosewood, enhanced with STIGA's scientific engineering and NCT (Nano Composite Technology) results in the Rosewood NCT V and Rosewood NCT VII blades that will be most in demand for 2010!

Rosewood NCT V

Rosewood NCT V is designed for the modern attacking game. It is ideal for aggressive players who depend on fast racket speed with long trajectory to gain the upper hand. This 5-ply blade offers an exceptional balance of speed, weight, control and trajectory. The hand-picked Rosewood combined with STIGA's scientific engineering and NCT technology brings together the very best of Science and Nature!

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