Tibhar 5Q/1Q/1QXD rubber only Table Tennis Ping Pong no racket or blade

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Up for sale is 1 (One) Tibhar Rubber

Model name :

  Tibhar 1Q or 5Q or 1QXD

At first glance you notice the difference! Thanks to the SPI Technology Optimization we conceived a rubber combining the biggest speed glue effect of all TIBHAR rubbers. 1Q (One-Q) is simply THE fastest, most dynamic rubber enabling a high ball curve. The more robust rubber surface enables an explosive game rich in spins. The basic principle of the OPTRA technology (Optimized Trajectory – Optimized ball curve) was also improved giving your balls such a boost that they will realise very long trajectories although the ball curve is very high. Your adversary will have a hard time controlling and returning your balls. With 1Q you are at the edge of your potential without passing your limits! 1Q is the code for first quality choice!

The softer version of the Q-rubber-family, 5Q, has a medium-hard sponge conferring lots of rotation to the Topspins and counter Topspins at mid-distance. The rubber surface full of sensation, supported by the SPI-Advanced-Technology, confers a wonderful sound and a good handling. The newly conceived rubber surface allows lots of rotation and provides the necessary security when playing the large pallet of spins.

Choose the specific color, as well as thickness!!

Note that we do sell all butterfly blade. Shipping of rubbers is free when purchased with the blade (both international as well as domestic) and we offer free gluing service for all blade purchases.

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