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Tibhar Aurus Sound Soft rubber table tennis ping pong

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Up for sale is 1 (One) Tibhar Rubber

Model name :

 Tibhar Aurus (in black or red)
Tibhar Aurus Soft (in black or red)
Tibhar Aurus sound (in black or red)

Stock is very limited, first come first serve.

This rubber is for ambitious players who strive to play topspin strokes in any situation.

The new technology combined with the ultra soft rubber surface provides an outstanding spin and a great playing sensation.  The integrated SPI (Speedglue-Effect-Inside) technology confers an extreme catapult reaction to the ball.  Your shots will be loaded with a lot of spin and speed even though you have used very little strength.

The exclusive transparent rubber surface confers stability and a long life expectancy.

Picture and description are copyright of Tibhar

Note that we do sell most of the big brand names in table tennis. Shipping of rubbers is free when purchased with the blade and we offer free gluing service for all blade purchases.

All merchandises are Genuine/Authentic.

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