Tibhar Genius / Genius Sound / Genius + optimum / Genius + optimum sound rubber

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Up for sale is 1 (One) sheet of Tibhar Rubber

Model name :

Tibhar Genius + Optimum

1.8mm, 2.0mm, Max

Based on the Optra and Speed Effect Inside Technologies and its  further developments, TIBHAR created a Premium product, Genius+ optimum.

The pimple structure of Genius+ Optimum is a little bit different and smaller than the pimple structure of Genius, thus conferring more rotation and an unbelievable dynamic in topspin games. Are you looking for a rubber for your double sided topspin game,  would you rather play topspin duets? Genius+ optimum is made for you.


Tibhar Genius

1.8mm, 2.0mm, Max

GENIUS – what’s important is the ball curve!

Rich in spin for an offensive game.

GENIUS is obviously focused on spin, since more spin signifies more speed. More spin also means that the angle of the ball rebound is more upright conferring a bow-formed ball curve, giving more precision to your strokes and therefore putting your adversary under pressure.
The new geometry of the inverted pimples enables a more dynamic and spin – rich game. Thanks to the new caoutchouc composition the rubbers will last longer.


Tibhar Genius Sound

1.8mm, 2.0mm, Max

Genius Sound corresponds to the softer and reworked version of Genius, making it the ideal rubber for a very dynamic game, allowing a brand new variety of strokes at mid-distance. Genius Sound confers the sufficient security to realise great-quality balls in any playing situation. From the combination of its newly developed sponge and spin-rich surface Genius Sound was born: experience a rubber rich in sensation, with great sound, fast and full of spin.


Tibhar Genius + Optimum Sound

1.8mm, 2.0mm, Max

The soft version of Genius Optimum has an extreme strong catapult effect paired with a light playing sensation. You’ll feel how the energy transfers from your bat to the ball. A weapon for players who, although they privilege a soft attack, do not want to give up explosive strokes in an open game near or far from the table. The energy loaded sponge combined with the newly developed rubber surface offers an optimal mixture of dynamism, playing sensation, sound and control.

You get one sheet of rubber only. Choose between these 4 variants of Genius Rubber. Simply Genius !

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