Tibhar Nimbus Sound or Nimbus Medium or Nimbus VIP Rubber table tennis no blade

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Tibhar Nimbus Sound

1.8/  2. 0/  max

Thanks to new SPI technology the playing sensation and sound is highly emphasised. The extremely soft sponge gives this rubber an extraordinary sound and high spin. It also gives players high potential for flexibility in stroke play. This rubber is especially designed for players who look for more than just speed in a rubber - it provides extreme spin rotation which improves the delivery of strong offensive stroke play.

Tibhar Nimbus Medium

1. 8 / 2. 0 / max

The NIMBUS MEDIUM rubber is a little softer than the NIMBUS rubber it therefore provides the ideal balance of control without lessen the overall performance. The combination of the High-End rubber surface with medium soft sponge provides unbelievable speed increases in your offensive balls. The optimal symbiosis between surface and sponge provides the ideal mixture of performance, playing sensation and sound. This rubber is perfect for offensive players, looking for the best possible replacement of speed glue or tuning products.


Tibhar Nimbus VIP

(max  in black or red)

Choose the color and thickness!

Many weeks before the end of the Olympic Games in Beijing , the rubber experts from TIBHAR had prepared several new rubber samples for top players such as Vladimir Samsonov to test.  In order for Vladi and other top players to make a smooth transition from the era of ‘speed gluing’ to the new future of table tennis equipment it was important for any replacement rubber to provide the highest level of capabilities. Immediately after his return from the Olympic Games Vladi set out to test the sample rubbers.  Straight away tests showed that the NIMBUS rubber in combination with a newly designed hard VIP power sponge proved to be the best choice.  This according to Vladi was the acceptable replacement rubber for the future with no speed glue.  Due to his very close collaboration with the TIBHAR rubber experts they managed to optimise the very hard VIP power sponge and overcome the loss of the speed glue effect.  In some playing situations Vladi even felt that the new NIMBUS VIP rubber has even greater advantages compared to a fresh glued rubber.

You will get one sheet of rubber only. Choose between these 3 variants of rubbers. Choose the color and thickness by sending us an e-mail.

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