Varnished Big Solid Storage Pot Made from Antique Ebony Wood Home Decor gift

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Always wanting a storage pot made of wood? Then this is the right product for you.

Storage Pot 

Enjoy one of our most classic creations of Storage pot. Be seen in a different league with this uniquely sculptured and varnished pot. What shown in the picture is unvarnished version of the pot, but you will receive the varnished one.

Weight around 2 kg (Weight variation may occur because this is natural product). Made from big chunk of ebony wood sculptured with the influence of Indonesian heritage. Please note that because these were hand crafted, no two pot will look the same, very slight variations may occur with your pot in comparison to the one in the pictures.

Great Gift ideas for your friends or relatives.

Dimension: 28 X 13 cm 

Made in Indonesia

Why our Product?

When you buy our sculpture product, you can be sure they are made in Indonesia

Made with top quality materials, we use only 100% eBony wood

eBony Indonesia is the new international label for the world famous Indonesian company

We welcome bulk purchaser or reseller, please kindly email us. We can design your ideas.


Buyer who purchase multiple items, please do not adjust the postage fee, we will fix the postage fee after purchase.

 We do ship Worldwide, please kindly check with your home country for import restrictions, this product can pass through Australian custom. 


1. Once payment was made, we do not accept exchange for change of mind, due to the item was custom made.

2. Please allow 3 days of manufacturing the sculpture, this will allow us time to manufacture the board as per order.

3. Upon Payment & Checkout, Please kindly email us your contact number. We need the contact number for shipping purpose 



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