Weighted Vest 8.5 kg Stamina Adjustable Metal Weight

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Before bidding please email us regarding the size!! It only comes in one size.

You are bidding on a vest with EIGHT pockets. Each pocket contains 1 kg of metal sand (covered in a pouch).
Alter the weight of the vest by removing or inserting the metal sand !! Gradually train your stamina.

The inside material of the vest is made of something that is soft and stretchable to cater for stretching when running. It is build strong and sturdy with USA designed technology. SO bid it and train your stamina now !!!!!

The size of the vest is (measured in a flat surface):

Chest= 100 cm (50 cm and then double)

Waist= 100 cm (50 cm and then double)

Shoulder= 86 cm (48 and then double).

length of the vest = 50

Has velcro strapping in front and at Shoulder area

It is a good idea to measure the size of your body or shirt before bidding the item. Please note that if your body size is the same with the size of this vest, will means that it will be too tight and not comfortable

Brand New Unused before--email me if you have any question or if you want a closer picture of the item. Please email us for the postage cost!!

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Please note that damage and lost is not our responsibility, registered postage is highly recommended

Please allow for few days of processing time

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