Xiom Vega Japan Vega China rubber table tennis no blade Ping Pong

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Model name :

XIOM Vega Japan (black or red 1.8mm, 2 mm or max)

Xiom-VEGA-japan promotion ball line path has made in bigger near the stage hitting a ball space, the specialized test indicated that its has the big secure space, can effectively enhance the attack probability reduction fault. The relaxed manufacture revolves, the JAPAN version is touching the ball to eat the ball depth instantaneously, the ball control is free. New Black CARBON-SPONGE the intrinsic potency maximization, has the strong energy, making the speed quickly more powerful. Many revolving have made up for effect of the air drag on the speed. 30%~50% more service life of rubber. 
- Tensor BIOS 
- ITTF Approved


Xiom Vega China 
(black or red 2 mm or max)

Vega China combines the best of the east with German precision manufacturing. A winning combination of a sticky rubber surface with extremely hard sponge has been the key weaponbehind China’s dominance in international competition. Vega China is manufactured with Tensor Bios Technology which softens the hard rubber surface ever so slightly to achieve enhanced surface elasticity. This enables one to produceenhanced spin, ball grab and catapult of the rubber surface when contacted correctly. For the professional and upand coming player. 

Manufacturer Specifications: Strategy: Control-Mix Distance from Table: Close-Mid Speed: High Spin: Extreme Control: Moderate

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