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Yasaka Ma lin carbon blade + Sriver G2 Fx Table tennis

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Up for sale is 1 (One) Yasaka Blade

Model name :

 Yasaka Ma lin Carbon (FL)

Since several years Ma Lin belongs to the really World Top players.
Ma is very professional in his attitude to table tennis and he is very demanding regarding his equipment. After many years of successful
play with Yasaka EXTRA Ma asked for a faster blade, but still with the feeling he needs for the blocking and backhand top spin.

After Ma’s advice and ideas, Yasaka developed the Ma Lin CARBON, which corresponds to the demand of the top level players.

• Medium weight – around 88 grams for shakehand
• Powerful, but not without a good ball feel
• Relatively thin construction, but without vibrations

Due to a selection of the wooden veneers and carbon together with the very specialized gluing method between the wood and
the carbon material – Yasaka could reach a result that satisfied Ma Lin and several other top players


1 X Butterfly Sriver G2 Fx and 1 X G2  rubbers

Sriver G2 For 30 years, Sriver has been the international standard for table tennis rubbers. Butterfly presents the second generation Sriver, Sriver G2, which is now powered by Butterfly's High Tension technology. G2 provides the same touch and ball trajectory, combining this with High Tension technology to gain greater speed and even stronger spin.

Sriver G2 Fx A rubber for the technical offensive players that features Butterfly’s High Tension technology. Explosive spin and speed, this is the perfect rubber for most all-round attacking players. Until now, most High Tension Rubbers were designed for all-out power players. Now the players who like to win points through variable spin play have their own High Tension weapon, Sriver G2 FX.


Free rubber protector

Ready to play with fully assembled Butterfly Racket, ideal for Advance player who wants extra spin and speed

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