Yohmo Hair Tonic/Natur Ginseng Hair Tonic -Treat Hair Fall/Hair Loss -Hair Regrowth

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1(One) Bottle of Yohmo Strong Tonic (Made in Singapore -200 mL)

Yohmo hair tonic is a hair tonic to be used externally for both men and women, it can effectively cleanse scalp and hair follicles while replenish the roots with essential nutrients

Use Yohmo to prevent dull and dry hair, split ends and unhealthy hair that can break or fall easily , contains the nutrients and vitamin your hair needs to prevent hair loss and to boost hair growth.


1(One) Bottle of Natur Hair Tonic  (made in Indonesia -125 mL)

Natur Herbal Hair Tonic with Ginseng Extract

Natur Hair Tonic made from natural herbs specialized for hair treatment.  Contain ginseng extract, hair falling will be reduced and hair roots will be strengthened to make hair  looking clean and healthier, restoring hair.

Indonesian "Jamu" Hair Tonic for Hair Regrowing/Regrowth and Avoid Hair  Loss. No side effect - all natural.

NATUR Herbal Hair Tonic with Ginseng Extract
Made of natural herbs specialized for hair treatment. This plant extract gives nutrients to your hair, controls hair fall and strengthen your hair roots for hair regrowing.

Panax ginseng radix extract                               33.8 mg(27%)
Eclipta prostate folium extract                            27.5 mg(22%)
Hibiscus Tiliaceus Folium extract                        22.5 mg(18%)

Please use this Tonic after you wash your hair with high end quality natural shampoo such as Natur and Cre-C  shampoo.

How to use
-External Use Only. Shake before use.

-After washing your hair with Natur Herbal Shampoo, apply Natur Herbal Hair Tonic on your hair by tossing the bottle to have the liquid tonic splash out through the cap hole.

-Pour adequate quantity.

-Gently and evenly massage your scalp with your finger tips until your scalp gets soaked.

-Do not let water flow into the bottle to maintain contents original quality

-The use of Antiseptic hair sprayer or mousse is not recommended while using this product.

- It is recommended to use Natur Herbal Hair Tonic daily.

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